First blog post

I struggled long and hard to come up with a better title for this than “First blog post”… but then that’s exactly what it is!

So why am I doing this? Well, I’m a social worker and an academic and for a while now I’ve been thinking about how the two intersect – in many, many different ways. I also wear many other hats – researcher, teacher, occasional practitioner, sometimes service user, feminist, activist – and I’m interested in the issues and debates where these come together.

In the last few weeks in particular after terrorist attacks, the general election and the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, I’ve been thinking more and more about how those of us who are in social work academia can best respond; how we can make social work the best it can be to tackle current and future issues.

I suspect this blog is going to take many forms and cover a wide variety of issues. For me it’s about thinking, reflecting, learning, sometimes having a rant, and sharing that with anyone who is interested. There are some fantastic resources out there specifically for student social workers (Social Work Tutor on Facebook deserves a special mention) and this blog isn’t aimed specifically at student social workers, though I hope it will be of interest to a variety of different people with different perspectives on both social work and academia.

I’m always interested in generating debate, and hearing views and opinions on issues, so please add your comments. I hope over the coming weeks you find something that interests you on here.


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